Saturday, March 29, 2014

Moss Pot

I admit it, the kids and I drink far too many Slurpees.   I really got hooked on them during my pregnancy with my 3rd and the craving never stopped!  I normally toss the lids in the recycle and put the cups back in my car for the next trip to get $1 Slurpee refills, but today I decided to use a couple of the lids for a super easy Spring craft.  
Here's the tutorial:

Buy a Slurpee.  (My cups use the largest size dome lids.)  Drink it.  But not too fast or you'll get a brain freeze!
Get a pot.  I think mine are 4 inches in diameter. 
The lid should fit over the rim on the pot.  
Acquire some moss.  I happen to have moss growing in my yard, but you can buy it at a craft store if you don't have any.
Pick all of the weeds and grass out of it and shake off the dirt and bugs.  
Put hot glue on the outside of the lid and wrap the moss onto the lid, pressing firmly to adhere.  Trim off any excess to form a clean edge like you would with a pie crust.  
Put glue along the rim of the lid and place the pot onto the lid.  
Add glue to the rim and add moss to cover any exposed plastic.
Flip it over and you're done!  That's it!  Easy enough, right?  Now stand back and admire your handiwork.  

Excuse me while I go think of other ways to repurpose Slurpee lids.  Have an idea?  Share it in the comments.  


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