Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poor Baby

I'd say we've had more than our fair share of stomach bugs for the Winter. Besides the normal colds and ear infections, we've had 3 stomach bugs make the rounds since Thanksgiving. This latest one hit Kimberly and Ryan the hardest. The doctor said it was adenovirus.

Ryan had it so bad that we were having a difficult time keeping him hydrated. He'd bring up everything as soon as he tried to sit up from eating or sleeping.

When we took him into the doctor he was showing signs of dehydration: lethargy, dry mouth, excessive sleepiness, and losing over 10% of his body weight. He was sent to the hospital to have his electrolytes checked and then we waited to find out if he was going to be admitted and put on IV. He loved the little
heating packs they used on his arms before the blood draw. I actually got a few smiles out him between his waves of nausea while we waited for his turn.

Thankfully his levels came back just high enough to avoid needing to stay. His sodium was 133 and they would have kept him at 130 or lower. His oxygen, sugar, and potassium were all fine. The doctor ordered lots of Pedialyte for 24 hours. Finally after 3 days of vomiting, he was able to keep the fluids down yesterday. And then the rash and fussiness came today. I know Kimberly said the rash was really itchy when she had it so I'm sure Ryan is feeling miserable still.

Here's to hoping Patrick doesn't bring home anything else from school for awhile. We could use a break from being sick.


Jaime said...

Poor baby!! That rash is crazy!!

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