Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Ryan

It amazes me that a whole year has come and gone since we welcomed you to our family! 

Here are a few words that remind me of you, Ry-Guy:

Mellow- You are such an easy-going baby.  You are content on car rides, in stores, and at restaurants.  It makes it fun to take you places knowing you'll have a good time and not scream the whole time.  I can't imagine taking any other baby out to a fancy Italian restaurant for his 1st birthday.  You play well on your own with toys and books and also play well with your brother and sister.  It amazes me how quickly you've picked up on how to play games like roll-back, peek-a-boo, hide and seek, and chase.

Small- You are by far the smallest of all your little friends (granted your two closest buddies are off the charts in the other direction).  As of a week ago you weighed 21 lb, 2 oz., but you were sick, and I'm sure you've gained back at least a pound by now.  They didn't measure you at the appointment, but you have the shortest little legs.  So short, in fact, that you can easily crawl on your hands and feet and your bottom doesn't even stick up in the air when you do it.  It's so cute!  You are around the 25th% for height and weight.

Smiley- You are the smiliest baby I've ever met.  Everywhere we go people love talking to you because you always have a smile to give.  You are so approachable that I've had several strangers ask to hold you; one was a little old lady at the grocery store that said it had been years since she had last held a baby.  Holding you made her day/week/year! 

Sick- You have had so many illnesses!  I think you're prone to them anyway, but having a big brother and big sister loving on you all the time certainly doesn't help matters.  Thankfully your ears seem to clear themselves between infections though, so tubes don't seem necessary, yet.  Even when you're sick, you're a sweetheart.  I'll never forget you saying "All done, all done, all done" to the nurses as they did your blood draw last week. 

Active- While your personality is mellow, your activity level is certainly not.  You are always moving: squirming, twisting, dancing, speed crawling, and climbing.  You seem like you're about ready to take your first steps any day now.  Lately I have been having to remind you to be careful so you don't fall and bonk your head.  I know you're getting the idea because now you hit your head with your hand when you are starting to do something dangerous to show me that you know.  You seem like you'll be a quick learner and follow us without doing much challenging when we direct you.

Attached- You love being with me, which I love.  From about 9 months until just this last week you've wanted no one else but Mommy.  Which, of course, I love.  :)  But, this week you seem like you're starting to get over the attachement a bit because you have been seeking out Daddy more when you know I'm busy and can't hold you.  Daddy is loving it!

I look forward to watching you learn and grow over the next year.  I think I'm most looking forward to seeing you walk and hearing you talk more.  You have a great deep voice just like your big brother. 

Ry-Guy, I love you. I am so blessed to be your Mommy.


Jaime said...

Sweet. What a blesssing he is. God is good.

Corinne Doughan said...

I remember this time last year. I'm pretty sure ... you and Chuck dropped Patrick and Kimberly off at our house for a playdate so that you could go to your last midwife appointment. When you came back and we visited on the couch for a minute, I'm pretty sure you were in labor, but I couldn't tell because you had a huge smile and were happy as a lark! You've always been so easy going and rarely stress about anything. I admire you so much for that Katie! You called me the next morning from the hospital to tell me that Ryan had arrived! How exciting!! Ryan is such a sweet boy and has such a wonderful family!! I'm so blessed to know you guys! {BIRTHDAY HUGS to Ryan} {HUGS for everyone else} We miss you!!!!!!

Cherish said...

He sounds like such a sweet baby. Happy birthday!

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