Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Patrick

I got to ring in Patrick's 6th birthday with him tonight.  I was decorating his room for his birthday (balloons everywhere and a birthday crown he brought home from school) and he woke up needing a drink of water.  As I tucked him back into bed, I noticed that it was 11:59pm.  We waited the 20 or so seconds for the clock to say 12:00.  I got to give him his first birthday kiss of the day.  :)  It made my heart happy.  ;)

Dear Patrick,

This past year has flown by.  I think faster than any other one so far.  In that year, you have grown up so much!  It's hard to even remember back to before you could ride a bike, read/write a sentence, climb our tree, buckle/unbuckle your own carseat, talk in a big boy voice, do math problems, eat foods you used to be allergic to, read a calendar, do the monkey bars, count to 100, take a shower independently, go to school, play baseball, dive under water, etc.  This year has been packed with new learning and new adventures and I've enjoyed being by your side as you discovered each new thing along the way.  You have impressed us with your love for school and your ability to adapt to new routines and challenges.  I love to see your passion for the things that interest you and your love for other people, especially for your family, friends, and teachers.  I pray for you to continue to develop compassion for others and a heart that responds to God.

You're super fun to be with and I can't wait to go on a mommy and son date with you for your birthday.  I love that you want to hang out with me on the day you made me a mommy.  :)


Last week we moved Patrick out of his original carseat that he came home from the hospital in and into a highback booster.  It's amazing to see the change in 6 years!

  1 Day old
6 years old


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